About 11 years ago the executive committee felt that there was scope within the League for  more social interaction and pastoral care. In order to test the interest we contacted each member with a questionnaire, and were delighted to receive sufficient positive replies which enabled us to set up what became “Networking.”

Small groups were formed across England, and into Wales and Scotland, the activities of each were coordinated by a volunteer member of that group. We then decided to send out a newsletter,” Cross Net” twice a year, which reflected current interests as well as members’ reminiscences.

Today, Networking is still thriving with 22 groups comprising of approximately 125 members in England and Scotland. If distance allows, members of some groups meet up during the year the outcome of which has proved invaluable;  others maintain contact via phone, email and the newsletter. During these years many memories have been shared and friendships formed.

These groups are listed below and if you are interested to know more please contact Jenny Bromley on 01263 514198.

County                                               Coordinator Base

Bedfordshire/Cambridge                    Committee*

Cambridgeshire                                     Cambridge

Cornwall                                                  Penryn

Devon North                                           Barnstable

England NE/Scotland                           Newcastle upon Tyne

Essex/Herts                                             Witham

East Sussex                                              Lewes

East Sussex/Kent                                   Bexhill on Sea

Gloucestershire                                      Chipping Camden

Hampshire                                               Waterlooville

Hertfordshire/Middlesex                      Harrow

Kent( North East)                                   Committee

Lancs./Cheshire                                      Smithills

Leicestershire                                          Desford

London (EC)                                            Barbican

Middlesex/London,W&SW                  Northwood

Northumberland                                     Newcastle upon Tyne

Somerset/Dorset                                    Ilchester

Suffolk                                                      Woodbridge

Surrey                                                       Carshalton

West Sussex                                             Committee*

Wiltshire                                                  Corsham


We maintain contact with overseas members via email and Cross Net.


*Groups without a coordinator at present are looked after by a member of the committee.

Jenny Bromley is the central co-ordinator for the Network.